Paul Krugman: “Sorry Japan, We’re Even Worse”

Krugman 715

Paul Krugman apologizes to Japan for lambasting them during their own economic crisis for their policy decisions. Of course, it’s a fake apology. “Now, I’m not saying that our economic analysis was wrong. The paper I published in 1998 about Japan’s “liquidity trap,” or the paper Mr. Bernanke published in 2000 urging Japanese policy makers… [Read More]

Natural Disasters, Weather Infrastructure, Climate Change, & Funding


from the NY Times: “For years, congressional allocations to the National Weather Service have all but flatlined. Meanwhile, the cost of storm recovery has skyrocketed. In the 20 years leading up to Hurricane Sandy in 2012, the United States suffered 133 weather disasters that exceeded \$1 billion in damages, for a total of over \$875… [Read More]

What is “Justice”? Karl Popper’s Definition


From The Open Society and Its Enemies What do we really mean when we speak of ‘Justice’? … I think those whose general outlook is humanitarian mean something like this: an equal distribution of the burden of citizenship, i.e., of those limitations of freedom which are necessary in social life; equal treatment of the citizens… [Read More]

John MacFarlane Video Lecture on Pandoc & Haskell (4 parts)


A great 4-part lecture by the Berkley-based Philosopher John MacFarlane, who may be more well known in geek-circles for being the author of the program Pandoc — which converts file formats from just about anything to just about anything else. It’s written in Haskell, and is likely the most popular open-source Haskell program around. Very… [Read More]

Updated: How to Install Pandoc on Arch-Based Systems (Manjaro, Antergos, Arch Bang, etc)


I updated my “How to Install the Haskell Platform on Arch Linux” post. I’ve found two things recently that you may like to know if you’re a haskell-ite: Haddock isn’t in the Haskell-Core repos anymore, so you need to build from Cabal (unless I’m missing something…) I’m preferring to build Pandoc with Cabal Install, as… [Read More]

Salman Rushdie on “9/11 Liberals” – And My Commentary on Anti-American Nutjobs, Human Rights, Violence, and Religion

Salman Rushdie

It’s an odd term, “9/11 Liberal”, but it seems to have some truth to it: a Liberal on nearly all things, save for their pro-war stance concerning the issue of Islamist terrorism. Here’s a little video of Salman Rushdie on Bill Maher discussing this issue: I ceased being a “Liberal” long ago and took the… [Read More]

Ayn Rand (Goddess of Pseudo-Intellectuals) gets Hitch-Slapped & Her Cult gets Swindled by Reality

Hitchens comments on the “transcendently awful” novels of Ayn Rand: And a collection of her cult-followers get slapped by reality. From Solon: Rand’s heroes aren’t just rapists, woman-beaters, and thieves. They’re also terrorists who freely blow up or burn properties for ideological reasons, or simply because things didn’t turn out as they might have liked…. [Read More]

Does Birth Order Change Personality? OR – Your Mom Really DID Love Your Sister More!


Did birth-order affect your personality? No. “Reluctant to give up their belief in birth order, some theorists have instead given up their faith in standard self-report personality tests (see “Why Did Sulloway’s Results Differ From Those of Ernst and Angst?” forthcoming on this website). They’ve claimed that these tests are invalid — that they are… [Read More]