How To Install Optional Packages With Yum Groupinstall Command (Fedora)


On Fedora, the yum ‘groupinstall’ option is just awesome. With it, you can install an entire collections of related software packages (and their dependencies) in one swoop. Among these are groups for a Webserver, Development Tools, Authoring and Publishing, Engineering and Scientific tools, even Robotics! Let’s use the “Webserver” group as our example here. For… [Read More]

How To Install Sage Mathematics On Arch Linux Distro’s


When I was in grad school — many moons ago — I was introduced to a fantastic platform for mathematics computation called Sage being developed at the University of Washington. You can think of Sage as a combination of Mathematica, Matlab, and a bit of R — only open source, free, and backed by the… [Read More]

How To Add Touchpad Management To KDE Linux


I keep forgetting where to find this whenever I install a new Linux distro with KDE as the desktop environment. Some distrobutions — like Linux Mint — come prepackaged with a nice touchpad management section under their settings panel (input devices). But, others — like Manjaro — don’t. The package you’re looking for is called… [Read More]

How To Swap Control & Capslock Keys In Linux Openbox


A fellow coach that I know writes online exclusively in ALL CAPS — literally. He’s a cool guy, knows his stuff, and is NOT always yelling in real life. But, for some reason, his capslock key was permanently pressed down at some point in the past … and has never risen again. In case you… [Read More]

Brendan Eich: 2 Great Vids On JavaScript’s Future


A couple of great videos by Brendan Eich, the creator of JavaScript, and one of the founders of Mozilla (currently CTO). One of the most interesting things is his positive discussion about languages that target JS, that is, compile down to JavaScript. Rather than being a stick-in-the-mud, live-in-the-past, avoid-change kind of guy, he’s going out… [Read More]

Haskell IDE? FP Complete & Fast As Shit

haskell spock

I’m not normally an IDE man. Gimme Emacs, or Sublime Text, and I’m rather happy — Emacs for my Samurai-side, Sublime Text for my Zen-side I tried hard to like IDE’s, as the concept is great: get rid of boiler-plate; have everything you need under one roof; rainbows and unicorns dancing; etc. But, every time… [Read More]